Investment Strategies

Balance asset protection with growth potential.

Our vision of lower risk and proven strategies for success during volatile markets, has aligned us with the same level of institutional quality private wealth managers utilized by high net worth families and institutional investors – including endowments, large charities and pensions.

“As Such, we’re one of the few firms that enable our clients to prosper in both up or down markets.”   – Mark Kinney, CFP – President & Founding Partner

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Now that you’re about to retire – and faced with the challenge of handling the rollover of your 401(k), 403(b) or 457 retirement funds, or possibly been offered a lump sum buyout of your pension, or maybe a divorce settlement…have you considered how you’ll not only grow, but generate sustainable income from these assets for the rest of your life?  We have.

In fact, since 1987 – we’ve been helping clients do just  that in a sustainable, repeatable and verifiable manner.

The highly disciplined low risk, low volatility quantitative strategies we employ, are defined by a clear and simple philosophy – to protect you from severe losses in down markets, while providing quality participation in rising markets.  This approach has resulted in significantly reduced downside risk, while providing highly asymmetrical investment returns during negative markets.

Be sure to view Why your IRA is likely at risk…and how to correct it” (to the right)…and learn why most are unknowingly ill prepared.

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Why your IRA is likely at risk....and how to correct it

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