Retirement Planning

Sustainable, Repeatable, Verifiable income during your retirement.

When you think of your retirement…what does it look like? Annual trips to warm sunny beaches for the winter? A mountain house? Visiting family and friends, or maybe traveling the world? Whatever your vision, your retirement is meant to embody the realization of your lifelong dreams…..but you have to plan for it.

In fact, with company pension plans disappearing, increased uncertainty regarding Social Security, coupled with medical science enabling us all to live longer, it is more important than ever to prudently position yourself for retirement.

ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION – Given the United States has suffered approximately 22 recessions, about one every 5-6 years since 1900, and we’re all increasingly expected to enjoy 25+ years in retirement, could your portfolio afford to withstand 4-5 prolonged market downturns while generating income for you during this time? Likely not.

As such, when implementing our retirement income & preservation models, we utilize conservative and income generating investment options that serve to counter this very concern…we position you defensively in bad markets, yet opportunistic during good markets.

What steps have you or your advisor taken to protect yourself from the next market drawdown?

Be sure to view Why your IRA is likely at risk…and how to correct it (to the right)…and learn why most are unknowingly ill prepared.

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Why your IRA is likely at risk....and how to correct it

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