Our Philosophy


Investing today is more complex than ever before.  Whether it be geopolitical concerns or market inefficiencies, both have significantly and irrevocably altered the way that we not only save for retirement, but more importantly, how we will generate income during our retirement years.  Unfortunately, the countless resources that claim to provide simple solutions to our problems; often times compound an already confusing situation.

We’re here to help.

We serve pre-retired, retired, and conservative investors seeking alternatives to the traditional retail “buy and hold” strategy that left so many at a deficit since 2000.  While this “buy and hold” methodology serves the retail investment community by removing short term accountability, it has proven unsuccessful for some investors.  The increased downside risk exposure, volatility and uncertainty is precisely the opposite of that required when attempting to generate retirement income in a sustainable and repeatable manner.

While a portion of your assets should be protected to insure a source of baseline guaranteed monthly income, (we can assist with this) the remaining assets will likely be invested in “The Market”.  While we can’t control the financial markets, we can control our risk exposure to them.  As our client, you’ll have access to private wealth managers with a specific objective….to position you defensively in bad markets, while opportunistic in good markets.

Why Work With Us.

We position you defensively in bad times, yet opportunistically in good.

Consider the following chart.


How do we do that?

We know based on over 100 years of data that markets follow cycles or patterns.  In fact, due to the refinement in technology, we’re able to analyze this data better than ever before, enabling these patterns to emerge as not only repeatable, but somewhat predicable.  That said, wouldn’t it be prudent to use this to our advantage?  We think so.

As such, we employ time tested quantitative models – conceived from long standing market trends – that dictate precisely when to enter, and more importantly, when to exit or go inverse to the market based on current conditions.

WE ARE NOT MARKET TIMERS.  Rather, when a negative trend has been established, our Private Wealth Managers will either exit the market and go to cash to protect the portfolio, or go inverse to profit from the decline.  Conversely, when the markets begin to recover, and a healthy trend has been established, these Managers will then reengage the portfolio in the markets.  This strategy (traditionally reserved for pensions, large charities, foundations and the ultra-wealthy) enables you to bypass the majority of major declines, yet participate in a healthy portion of market appreciations.

While not perfect, when combined with conservative and income generating non-market based investments, it does provide an environment much more conducive to generating consistent and stable income during retirement.

In short – peace of mind.

Ask yourself this this question;

When was the last time your broker or fund company recommended you exit a negative market to preserve your portfolio?

(NOTE: Be sure to WATCH our short video above to better understand how these strategies can benefit your retirement.)

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