How May We Assist You?

Our mission is to create tax-sensitive, risk-adjusted investment and income solutions for those preparing for, approaching, or currently in retirement.  Areas in which we may provide assistance are:

  • Retirement Income Planning – Sustainable, Repeatable, Verifiable income during your retirement.
  • 401(k), 403b, 457 Distribution Rollovers – Protect and maintain control of your hard earned dollars.
  • Pension Buyouts – Should you take the lump sum or monthly pension?
  • “Conservative Growth” Investment Strategies – Balance asset protection with growth potential.
  • Divorce Settlements – Empowering you to redefine your financial independence now that your course has changed.
  • Income Distribution Strategies – Insuring your income lasts as long as you do.
  • Tax-Efficient Investment Portfolios – It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.

Our full service retirement income & preservation planning – enables you to take the uncertainty out of retirement income. You’ll clearly and definitively see how decisions and various life circumstances will affect your income streams from pensions, social security, qualified plans, asset portfolios, real estate investments and annuities.

Our “Portfolio Risk Assessment” – will clearly illustrate any downside risk exposures evident in your portfolio, while also demonstrating proven methods to reduce them by positioning you defensively in bad times, and opportunistically in good times.  A “Must See” if you’re approaching or currently in retirement.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

Now that I’ve been laid off, how will I protect my 401(k) assets – yet continue to grow them competitively?
Have I saved enough to retire – comfortably?
Now that I’m retired, how will I insure my income lasts as long as I do?
Will a market down turn negatively affect my ability to maintain my retirement income?
My IRA has lost significant value, is there a way to protect what I have, while maintaining access to growth in the markets?
Now that I am divorced, how do I effectively manage my settlement?
For more information – or to schedule an initial conversation – please call us at (800) 651 – 2930.

Why your IRA is likely at risk....and how to correct it

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