Pension Buyouts

Should you take the lump sum or monthly pension?

There’s an old saying “A recession is when your neighbor lost his job, a depression is when you lost yours”.  A quick survey of the local landscape suggests an increasing presence of both.  Whether it be State Street (558 jobs in MA) John Hancock (3% of local workforce) in Boston, Hasbro (145 jobs) in East Longmeadow, Baystate Health (354 jobs) in Springfield, or Sabic’s closure of its Headquarters of Americas (300 jobs) in Pittsfield…it’s being felt statewide.

So what to do?

Having been on both sides of the fence for almost 30 years – both designing and implemented company sponsored plans, as well as assisting those employees transitioning from them – we can help.

Be sure to view our recent FORBES article “When You’re Forced to Turn Your 401k…into an IRA”  and “Pensions: Monthly Income or Lump Sum”  to learn key issues to consider when faced with these questions.

It all starts with a short telephone conversation.

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