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Our founder’s focus is as it’s been since 1987 – addressing the unique challenges faced by those experiencing circumstances of “sudden wealth”….such as divorce, inheritance, business liquidations, and lump sum retirement plan distributions. By minimizing risk exposure to the daily turbulent financial markets through the use of highly disciplined quantitative strategies, risk mitigation triggers, combined with conservative non-market related investments, client retirement income can be achieved in a more sustainable, repeatable, and verifiable manner. With over 30 years’ experience, our insight into the universe of conservative and income generating investment options has been invaluable to individuals and families with accumulated assets approaching or currently enjoying their retirement years.

At its core, our objective is simply this: “To help families protect, grow, and reduce taxes on their wealth”

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  There’s an old saying: “A recession is when your neighbor lost his job; a depression is when you’ve lost yours.”1 I’ve worked with several people through these tough times. If there’s one question that has stuck out to me the most, it’s been this: “Should I maintain my old 401(k) or roll it to an IRA?” If you or someone you know has faced or is facing separation from an employer, this question likely… continue reading.

As a former Wall Street broker and now fee-based advisor of almost 30 years, my experience has shown that, if your retirement portfolio dramatically declined during the 2000–02 and 2007–09 market drawdowns, these three things were likely true: It wasn’t your fault. Your portfolio was designed to perform that way. It will likely do so again. What do I mean?  Without getting too technical, portfolios are typically designed to achieve either relative or absolute returns.  Given that 95% of all… continue reading.

Why your IRA is likely at risk....and how to correct it

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